Want to Customize Your Beer?

Beer enhancing sachets from Hop Theory. Check out their Kickstarter page, or find out more.

I imagine myself in a bar that I’ve visited before where the only beer on tap is extra-cold and comes in original or light. Never fear: I packed my Hop Theory sachets. I can only wonder how brewers feel about this product, but as a consumer, I feel saved.

Here’s an interview I had with Hop Theory’s CEO, Bobby Gattuso.

What made you think of using sachets to flavor beer? Was there an “a ha!” moment?

Yes, an ah ha moment indeed. I realized the consumer beer market had very little choice in what you can drink and afford. So I set out to make better beers with the consumer in mind. Why not bring brewing to the bar?

You have a degree in Biology, but mention brewing: did you go to school specifically for brewing beer? If so, how did your background in brewing inform your decision to introduce Hop Theory’s Sachets to the market?

I’m finishing up my Biology degree this year. I educated myself on the brewing industry by brewing my own small all grain batches. I fell in love with the craft beer industry instantly.

I really love the idea of a “hop shop”– will consumers be able to buy the sachets in local bars (haha, right next to their bland beer selection) or will these sachets be available online only?

Yes! Im going to work my way hopefully into the bars and liquor stores. I really want to pair every season with a new blend! Such as Raspberry, Pumpkin, Double IPA and Peach.

Your video on kickstarter mentions putting these sachets in craft beer. Few questions here:
How do you think craft breweries are responding to this idea? Have you talked with anyone?

I have received support all across the country and abroad. Its really rewarding to listen to backers support who share the same vision about the beer industry like me. I was recently endorsed by Fred Crudder of Heavy Seas who is a certified beer expert with over twenty years of experience.

Is there a possible moment where putting my sachet in my craft beer might taste awful? (I’m pretty happy we could reuse them, by the way) Craft beer flavors are so intricate.

Hop Theory truly transform your light beer into a craft inspired brew and compliments your favorite crafts. Hop Theory believes in being sustainable and economical for the consumer. It was paramount we utilize a 100% biodegradable sachet with the ability to transfuse several beers.

I would love to watch the reaction of a bar tender or local brewer (I live outside of Seattle: lots of breweries here).

Me too! My goal all along these past two years was to walk into a bar and see someone enjoying Hop Theory. That will mean a great deal to me.

What happens after kickstarter?

We go into Production! We still have to raise 6K by May 9th though! Every dollar counts at this point. I really want to have a wide array of blends the consumer can explore and enjoy.

What else do you want my readers to know about your product?

Hop Theory is less than 5 calories per serving so its a great way to save on calories.
Hop Theory is also great at enhancing non-alcoholic and gluten free beers.