Fruit-Infused Water Kefir

I had a lovely opportunity recently.  A new friend stopped out, and I offered a glass of my newly brewed Jun tea.  A beautiful discussion bubbled up around the offer and resulted in my new friend surprising me with a jar of water-kefir grains.  Since I firmly believe my kitchen should be a  living laboratory, I  warmly accepted.  This blueberry-infused water kefir is my first batch.

Water Kefir seems to taste slightly sour but very light.  If you prefer a sweeter beverage like I do, adding honey, a berry syrup, or (as I did) fruit to sweeten the deal is a quick fix.  Water kefir is like milk kefir; a drink well-known to provide healthy gut flora.  The taste of milk kefir is a bit off to me, so these water kefir grains are a great alternative.  The best part about the fruit infusion version? You can add the fruit to a smoothie or just gobble them down (with or without a spoon: no judgments)– making a quick snack/beverage combo for those days when preparing something seems too daunting.

The grains are easy to keep: filtered water+grains+organic sugar+ time= a continuous batch of a refreshing and healthy thirst-quencher.  If you want to purchase some for yourself: the reviews from this site look great, but the price is a stretch.  I recommend finding a Facebook or other social media community who will share their grains for free (plus shipping).

Photo Credit Wabisabi2015 CC License